My Top 5 Favorite PLANNERS!

Here are my Top 5 Favorite planners! I personally need a planner to keep my life organized between school, youtube, blogging, appointments, and my social life in general! I always feel it makes everything so much easier and I also think they are fun and of course adorable. These aren’t in any kind of order they are just my top 5 favorite planners for 2016!


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The Day Designer Planner is the one I have been using since last fall and I absolutely love it! It is a 8″ x 10.5″ size planner which I liked a lot because small planners were never big enough for me. It is also only $14.99 at Target which is a great price compared to a lot of planners these days. Also, at first I know how I felt about the planner being organized hourly but it ended up really working out for me and I loved that it had pink to it.

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The Happy Planner is one that I just recently purchased for my sister and my mom! If you love to constantly be motivated and love things to be super fun, bright, and colorful than this is the perfect planner for you! I just loved how it each planner has it’s ver own vibe to it and they come with all these adorable stickers and you can also find add ons to track your fitness or your monthly home budget plan which I thought was super cute! This planner is a bit pricier and goes for $29.99 and is an 8.5″ x 11″ planner.


3. I AM VERY BUSY PLANNER!i-am-very-busy-planner nwt-ban-do-bando-2016-2017-agenda-i-am-very-busy-blue-large-spiral-planner-ef97838cba33388c64f8d9d1e7a9decd $_3I have personally never had this planner but I am seriously considering because it is just adorable! I know a bunch of people who use this planner and love it! Including the woman who helped me design my website. I also love how it comes in different sizes small and bonded or medium and spiral! I am considering getting the blue spiral for this year! I am in LOVE! <3


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This is the Erin Condren Life Planner and I have one but have not started using it yet! I do think it is a very fun planner due to the fact that you can make it your own since you can customize everything. Due to that fact this planner is pretty pricey! I do think it is a extremely heavy and bulky planner for my taste and something that bothers me is that I feel it isn’t big enough for me to write everything down. That is just my personal opinion! Some people actually like smaller planners and are very simple and some like bigger full size planners. So it is just the matter of what you feel is best for yourself and your lifestyle! They also give you the choice of having your planner horizontal, vertical, and/or hourly. I also do really love how my initials look in the front!

5. THE LIVE WELL PLANNER!inkwell-press-livewell-planner

This is a smaller planner that I find to be extremely unique! It is another planner that you can customize.You can make it your way by choosing the cover, color, and if you want a horizontal or vertical, look to it. What I like most about it is that it is a very simple planner that is very organized and easy to look at. I feel planners like this are meant for more creative people who have extremely good handwriting!